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If it is adventure that you seek, if you long to see the far distant exotic countries, if you desire to prove yourself in combat, standing side by side with the fiercest warriors in battle, partaking in sieges, assaults and defences of strongholds - Draconia is the place for you. Prince Wszebor beckons, stand by our side and fight in our ranks spreading havoc and death among the foe.

Join us, visit foreign countries and meet interesting people...

If you are interested in history, archaeology, medieval camp life, if you seek people of similar interests - Draconia is the place for you.

...and kill them!

The inhabitants of Draconia come from Warsaw and Sochaczew mostly, and it is in these two places that we meet on practical and theoretical trainings. When theory is mentioned, we discuss various archaeological sources, share our views and theories and new information. For our battles and tournaments we travel all around Poland as well as beyond - to Germany, Sweden, Norway...

In the beginning, each new candidate becomes a thrall - the person with the lowest feudal status. You become a thrall to help you gather appropriate knowledge and materials as far as dress and armour is concerned. Being a thrall involves physical work, as it is they who do most of the field and camp works. On the other hand, the thrall are not burdened with any taxes to the Princedom whatsoever. When you are a thrall, the only way is up - to become a free man, which involves being granted the right of speech on the free men's rally, wear lavish clothing etc. But being free means is also having to pay a yearly tribute to the Prince.

Should you be willing to join, contact one of the following persons:

Write a few words about yourself, who are you, what are your passions and why is it you want to join us.

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