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2007.01.20 Defense of the Suraz

On the 20-th of January 2007 group of the finest draconian wariors led by Prince wszebor himself emerged into Suraż as invited by the town's keep commander Fenrir. The keep was well suplied and ready for the siege just as were for battle so this beautiful sunny morning could not turn out so pleasant for everyone... Bunch of outlaws who were trying to recapture Suraż were thrown out twice when trying to storm the gates. Then Fenrir gave us order to pursue them were they had abandoned the siege and so we did and we smashed them to extinct. Here are some photos of the event.

They say that Fenrir have made the proposal for Drago the leader of those outlaws that he will give him Suraż back as a fief but this insolent brigand refused to swear allegiance to Fenrir and hide with his remaining forces in the forest surrounding the place. So we can be sure that we will hear about them soon and that the time of war is near.

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